Hi, my name is Lars Ermert, I am a Webdeveloper & Designer.

I have more than 10 years of experience in the Web Development sector

My skills include Client & Server side Programming and Graphic Design

I put a special focus on ‘User Experience’ and ‘Usuability’

I have worked with a wide variety of Tools and operating systems

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Accesible. User focused, clear page and navigation structures that make it obvious for the user how to get where and do not distract from the message the page wants to convey...
Too often design for design’s sake becomes more important than what should be the focus:
relaying the message
Responsive. One idea to serve them all. Nowadays mobile devices are used increasingly to search for information so it is an imperative to maintain the appearance and message of a webpage on all screen sizes.
A flexible, responsive Layout that adapts to the different screen sizes while staying the course of the general design is the answer.
Swift. No unnecessary loading time as research has shown that even a waiting time of one second will influence users negatively.
The faster a page loads and reacts the better for the overall user experience and therefore the impression the page and its content will leave. This can be achieved by the design choices and the tools used (Technology).
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